Family Creative Uses of Bamboo

Creative Uses of Bamboo

Bamboo is known as the fastest growing plant in the world and also the primary diet for a panda. Bamboo has also been known to be one of the most used organic materials in different industries. Here are some of the interesting uses of bamboo:

  1. Road Building

Bamboo has been used to build roads in Orissa , India. China has also used bamboos to build bridges that are capable of support the weight of crossing trucks that goes as heavy to 1,400 kilos.


  1. Medicine

Mainly in China, black bamboo shoots has been used to treat kidney related diseases. Bamboo shoots and its leaves has also been found to be an effective treatment towards venereal diseases, as well as cancer. Reports showed that bamboo was also used to treat bone disease in a small village in Indonesia.

  1. Pillows

The bamboo pillow is used by millions of people around the globe. With multiple bamboo pillow reviews  on what makes the best bamboo pillows stand out from the rest. Bamboo fabric is used to make the pillows cooler, breathable, and more supportive, which improves sleep.


  1. Buildings

Based on a report by UNESCO, to build 1000 bamboo houses only requires 70 hectares of bamboo. Today, there are over one billion people around the globe living in man-made bamboo houses.


  1. People Food and Animal Feed

Bamboo shoots are often used in many Asian delicacies. In Japan, it was found that bamboo has antioxidant effects that stops bacterial growth. Bamboos are also used as food preservatives as well. Other than that, the shoots and leaves from Bamboos are fed to pandas and elephants as their staple diet.


  1. Musical Instruments

From drums, flutes, and surprisingly, saxophones as well. Bamboos are flexible and strong enough that they are a popular material to be used to make playable instruments.

Fashion The prettiest female models in Singapore

The prettiest female models in Singapore

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