Art Measuring the Rise of Art Consultants in Dubai’s Art Industry

Measuring the Rise of Art Consultants in Dubai’s Art Industry

Many art dealers, such as Amy Cappellazzo have been known to have left their auction houses for a venture into art consultancy. It was deemed ridiculous by the majority – the act of leaving a job of stable income to join a market that seems saturated with more consulting services that it was able to support. As an art consultant, one would be responsible for negotiating contracts and placing art, as well as handle product endorsements. They act as the middleman in the relationship between dealers, galleries, private collectors and possibly museums.

Over the years, Dubai has seen success in allowing art advisers to flourish in the pinnacle of artworks on an international scale. Art Dubai is among the most popular and enticing art galleries in today’s art industry. The sector of art consultancy Dubai offers has also seemed spectacular rises in profitability in recent years. In the competitive field of persuading artists to accept new arrangements, attempts in shaping the structure of the market and creating a platform for artists to focus on their craft, the work for the average hotel art consultant is not simple. As their professions are considered unlicensed, the lack of regulated transactions makes it rather difficult to measure accurately their collective presence. However, a rise in their operations can be indicated by their increasing collaborations with fields such as interior design and even some sectors in the healthcare industry.

Selling the artwork Dubai offers requires a strong understanding of both modern and contemporary art. A keen eye for detail and a proficiency in communicating these details are vital in shaping an art advisers foundation in the industry. It can be concluded that professionals with a skill for putting together harmonic combinations of classical elements has made their mark in the art industry in Dubai. Hence, it can be said that the market for art can only expand from hereon with the blessing of the rise of artists as well.