How to Factory Reset Phone before Selling

How to Factory Reset Phone before Selling

Looking to sell your phone? Don’t forget to wipe it completely before you do to prevent the next user from attaining your personal data. While the common step in wiping out your phone data is by factory reset, recent reports have shown that data can still be lurking hidden somewhere and can be recovered with the correct tools.

Before you start the process of factory resetting your phone, you should start backing up all essential data, in this case, your contacts, storage data, important documents, chat logs onto an external storage space like a  microSD card. Furthermore, you’ll also want to log out of all applications, social media accounts, and emails, as well as clean out your history, cache, and saved password history.

Latest models for Android phones have a built-in feature which allows the user to backup and reset their phone with a click of a button in the Settings page. Newer Android versions like the 5.0 Lollipop includes an Android device protection for factory resets to prevent recovery tools to probe in for leftover data once the phone has been wiped out. Information related to how you can wipe out your phone the most effective way is available and it requires patience to do so.

One of the main reasons to wipe out your phone other than letting people find out potentially embarrassing messages is to prevent data theft. Unlike common hacking applications like WhatsApp Hacks, some hackers would scrounge up old phones in a bundle for a cheap price and probe into each one of them hoping to find valuable pieces of data that the previous owner forgot to remove. This is when hackers can sell your data to companies or go all the way to conduct fraudulent purchases if they somehow manage to get your bank details.

So before you sell your phone, be sure that none of your data is left out inside for the next person to discover.