Planning Your Golf Vacation Package For Orlando

Planning Your Golf Vacation Package For Orlando

The game of golf appears to be celebrated in Orlando and the surrounding areas of Florida. There are 24 public, private and semi-private classes in the city limits of Orlando alone, but if you add in the surrounding areas of Seminole County and Kissimmee, the amount goes to over 50.

There are over 30 PGA golfers who live in and around the region, so Orlando must be doing something right. Lots of the classes there are the places for some of the annual PGA events.

If you’re trying to plan an entire golf vacation package or in case you only want to play a few rounds as you’re on a family holiday, Orlando has lots to offer. To a vacationers, the price is immaterial; nonetheless to most of us, a few of the classes will be well above our travel budget. It’s likely to find costs in the range of $30-$60 for 18 holes at a few of the semi public and private clubs if you know where and when to look. There are sites and e-mail listings which you could go on this will let you know of last-minute openings at each the courses in the Orlando area.

As soon as you are aware you will be traveling to Orlando, you should begin calling the golf courses that you are interested in and discover just how far in advance you will need to make your tee times. Also ask if they need caddie services and see whether they have 3 day Orlando vacation package deals for your trip.

These special package deals can be found throughout the internet. You may even work with a travel agent as they will have access to lots of great deals for you. It isn’t from the ordinary to find golf packages that average about $100-$150 per day to get a hotel room and 18 rounds of golf.

You could decide to stay 4 times at the same hotel and have 4 tee times set up, one for each day of your stay. Every one of those tee times could be put up in a different course so as to experience many different golf that Orlando offers.

The majority of the courses also provide additional amenities like golf courses, day spas and 5 star restaurants. Some of the additional offerings could be inserted into your package deal together with rental cars too.

Whenever you hear anyone speak about taking a golf vacation in Orlando, your first thought might be that it seems expensive. However, when you hear that you could easily stay in a great hotel’s package and play a round of golf at one of the premier courses for around $100 per day, you may need to agree that it would be foolish to not look into Orlando.