Sakong II to lead Korea’s Export Industry as Chairman of KITA

Sakong II to lead Korea’s Export Industry as Chairman of KITA

Dr. Sakong Il, former president of the Presidential Council on National Competitiveness, who is a leading adviser to President Lee Myung-bak’s economic policy, serves as chairman of the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) and has set his role with the goal to lead the export industry in South Korea by also facing with an emergency situation due to economic recession global.

The inauguration of the new chairman Sakong Il implies that people around the trade industry are feeling the need for a new leadership that will strengthen the function of KITA to support exports armed with experiences in politics, government and academia and a global perspective to be able to commemorate exports very slowly.

Given the important role of Dr. Sakong Il as the Presidential Council on National Competitiveness and the President’s special adviser for the economy and the head of the G-20 coordinating committee, it is expected that KITA status is the center of 65,000 trading companies.

The new chairman Sakong Il said in his inauguration speech that the world economy has fallen into the most serious recession since the 1930s and that he will do his best to overcome the current crisis as the developed world experiences a simultaneous recession and even China’s economic growth slows, exacerbates the environment trading. Chairman Sakong Il cited the settlement of trade-related difficulties, taking a leading role in trade cooperation and creating a new growth engine for Korea’s new leap forward as the field that will focus on KITA in the future.

He said that he would identify trade-related difficulties and problems more carefully and resolve them as soon as possible by working closely with the government and adding that he would find ways to support the trading business, which could help them both directly and indirectly. Chairman Sakong VIP also said that KITA will take a leading role in private trade cooperation for the initial conclusion of the Doha Development Agenda, the initial ratification of the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement and the Korea-EU Free Trade Agreement.