Things to Learn before Traveling to Barcelona

Things to Learn before Traveling to Barcelona


Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world. It has a lot to offer to the tourists and it is always full-packed with them. Do you also want to visit this city? Before doing that though, you must first learn a number of things about this place.

You have to be either a Spanish or Catalan speaker of you want to be understood in this city. These are the two languages used here. It goes without saying that you also need Spanish translation services to translate your documents before you can travel to Barcelona.

Most tourists think Barcelona is also called Barca but that is not the nickname of this beautiful city but rather the name of their soccer team.  Barna is what this city is also known as. Thus don’t think you did not hear it right if you hear this word.

If you hear about pickpocket’s in this city, you heard it right as there are a lot of them here. As Barcelona is a crowded city, it is easy to lose your things if you don’t watch out. Especially during May and September as these are the times where this city is most crowded.

If you are here for bullfights, you won’t see them here. As a matter of fact, such event has been banned for years already. Yes, this city is not the stereotype Spain you heard about. In fact, you will be surprised as it is even a far cry.

Whether you are planning to just have a tour or really move in Barcelona, make sure your documents are already organized. This way your schedule will not be bothered and you can do your plan smoothly. There are now so many translators you can find online in case you need their services.